European Patent Validation



European Patent Validation

In order to be effectively protected, an invention for which an European Patent has been granted must be validated in chosen Contracting States of the European Patent Convention. The patent holder must file an application for recognition of patent validity in the Patent Offices of the states where the patent is to be valid within three months of the European Patent Office (EPO) publishing information on granting European Patent. The procedure’s specific requirements, as well as the practice of European patent validation, vary from one contracting state to the next. Failure to follow this method within the specified term in a certain state may result in the invention’s lack of protection in that country.


The Attorneys Agency Wima-Patent offer the European Patent validation services, which are provided by a European Patent attorney. We provide comprehensive coordination of European Patent validation activities in various countries. We also work with a number of reliable international partners. This enables us to provide professional and efficient service to our clients, relieving them of administrative burdens, lowering the risk of unexpected costs, and reducing the risk of losing patent protection unknowingly.


Our professionals’ diverse experience and collaboration with other organizations enable us to complete assignments for our clients in a timely and efficient manner, in Poland as well as abroad.


Our services:

  • professional translations of European Patents, reviewed by a group of patent attorneys with relevant work experience;
  • collaborating with partnered patent attorneys to coordinate validation proceedings outside of Poland;
  • filing with the Polish Patent Office (PPO) the documentation required by the validation procedure and paying the required fees;
  • handling formalities relating to formal requirements/changing registration data during the validation process arising from official Patent Office requests;
  • … and many others cases concerning with EPC Patent Validation process.

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