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filing requirements

The most important step before filling trademark’s application is to check that the trademark does not belong to another company and/or is not protected.

Our Patent Attorney performs a trademark searching in Polish and EU trademark’s databases both trademarks applied and registered.

A trademark application by means of which protection is sought shall contain:
a) Name(s) and address(es) of applicant(s) and line of business;
b) Specification of classes of goods and/or services;
c) Power of Attorney , signed by the applicant,

  • no legalization required,

d) 10 prints of the mark (in color)

  • prints should be not smaller then 2×2 cm, max 5×5 cm
  • in case of verbal trademark no prints are required;

e) If convention priority is claimed, additionally

  • date and country of the basic application, from which convention priority is to be claimed (priority must be claimed on filing),
  • certified copy of home registration

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