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community design

Community Design allows protecting any new, original and capable of multiple reproduction appearance of a product, which manifests itself in particular in the shape, the features of the outside surface, colours, lines or ornamentation on the European Union territory.

There are two kinds of protection of Community Design:

registered in Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (Alicante, Spain)

The first type of protection stays by three years and need not any official confirmation. Such protection is mainly directed for producer e.g. clothes whose collections are changing in any season. Owner of unregistered Community Design can forbid others produce things, which look like his design.

Registration of Community Design gives entitled person absolute right in use it.

The right of protection is granted for 25 years.

Attorneys’ Agency Wima-Patent also specialized in filing Community Design application which is preceded by design’s searching in most European Union countries databases.

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